Tracing Our English Roots and The Lost 10-Tribes of Israel

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Tracing Our English-Anglo-Celtic-Saxon Roots

The Black Race can trace their roots back to Africa, from there all the way back to Ham. The Japanese and Chinese can trace their roots back to Japaeth. So why can't the English speaking peoples of the world trace their roots?, a people that make up 2% of the worlds population and controlling over 50% of its wealth, land and natural  resources. I know what your thinking....oh I came from Ireland, England, Scotland,  Norway, or North-Western Europe. Yes,  but how did we get there and from where? I know that America and Britian too, have become a melting pot for so many different races of people from many different locations and with many inter-racial marriages, even though God commanded Israel not to inter-marry with other races, (Gen. 24:, 27:, 28:, Ezra 9:, Gen.24: all, Gen.28: all)...but,  the first wave of people to America was from Ireland, Scotland, England and Northwestern Europe, they spoke mostly english. Thats the people that made the U.S.A. and The British Common Wealth of Nations Great and is our main focus. Question?; Could we be "The Birthright People" discribed in the bible? If not then God gave the Birthright Blessings to the wrong people! A People that was to be as numberious as the stars of heaven and the sand upon the sea-shores, controlling all the gates (Air-Land-Sea-Gates) of their enemies. Who do you think the Birthright People are? The Jews?, the Jews have never been a great single nation nor a company of nations, one time, there were more Jews in New York City than Jews in the tiny nation falsely called Israel. They, like the other tribes of Israel are still a scattered people. The Jews were to recieve the "Sceptre Promise", but the "Birthright Promise" of national and material blessings and (Israel's Name) belonged to Joseph and passed on to his two son's (Gen.48: & 49:). Because of how Joseph's brothers treated him, God caused the lion's share of the Birthright Promises to go to Joseph and his two sons. Remember, Jacob had "12 Sons" and each one became a nation of people. The main key players was, "Joseph and Judah" and their descendants. Can you name all 12-Sons? (Gen.48: & 49:) Most people only know about the Jews, but not much about the rest of the 12 tribes. All Jews are Israelites, but not all Israelites are Jews! What about the Indians, Russians, Europeans, Chinese, and what about the Arabs, they are children of Abraham too, but not of Sarah? The answer to these questions will help identify "Our English Roots"! This page will be used to direct you to books, author's, and other resources, that can do a much better job of unlocking this most important subject, hidden from view and suppressed by many. We will give you links to other sites only for the purpose of sheading light on this subject, some authors deal with Archeology, History, Coat of Arms, Symbols, Religion, Kingdoms, Traditions and Future Shock. If we are the Birthright People....Have We Over-Done-It ? quote my wife, We fill our lives and waste our time with to many gadgets, computers, cel-phones, i-phones, social networks, too much perverted sex, drugs, murders, witch-craft on TV, The Internet, The Movies and Video-War-Games...Made drunk with an endless stream of trash, until we are Neo in The Matrix (Check out The Rabbit Hole Link at the bottom of this page)...Its no wonder we lead the world in most all major crimes, We have a personal and national debt in the trillions of dollars...with a buy it now and pay for it later concept. America was the worlds biggest lender nation, but now the biggest debtor nation, why? Yes, I believe we have over done-it! Rememer this, what God has given us, He can also take away, It was unconditional for us to receive "The Birthright Promises", because of Abraham, but it is not unconditional for us to keep them after they have been given! God made an unconditional promise to Abraham and to King David because they obeyed him. We did not receive the Birthright Promises because we deserved them or because we were better than others "Deu. 9:5-28", God drove Israel out of their land and out of His sight for their many, many-sins, Ezk.20:. Comment: There was two reasons why God drove Israel out of their land, 1.) Because of their sins and unbelief, mainly the Twin Sins of Idol Worship and Sabbath Breaking. 2.) Because the land was not big enough for them to receive all the National and Material Blessings God promised Abraham and his descendants. Now...I may or may not agree with everything that these books and resources point out, but I think it is worth the time and energy to research and ponder what they are saying. It brings up a few un-answered questions, Did God keep His Promises to Abraham, that of National Greatness? and what about the promises God made to David?, that as long as the Sun, Moon & Stars shine, David's Throne and David's House would be established forever! (Psa.89, Jer.33:). There are those who say that, if God did not keep his promises to Abraham and to King David, then what makes you think He will keep his promises to you and me? Now, what you believe about religion is between you and your God, I leave that to you to work out, but if you want to know more about "Our English Roots", then mabe this page can help. I'm just a lay-person like most of you, that discovered these things many years ago, just think how shocked I was!  Most of these authors go into great detail to prove that God did keep his promises to Abraham & to King David! Find The Modern Day Descendants of The Lost 10-Tribes of The House of Israel and you will also find The Throne of King David Transplanted in the midst of them! (Ezk.17:, Psa.89:, Jer.33:). I hope you find it a rewarding trip back to the  past and into the future.  Written By:   Ray Daniels


Listed below is a few of the many hundreds of books and authors that go into great detail about where the English-Speaking peoples of the world came from. A more complete list of these books can be found at The Covenant Publishing Company of Britain, some churches offer these books free or for a small donation. Check the links below. There is just too many books written on this subject to egnore, they can't all  be wrong! Because its easier to trace the rulership than the people, most of the authors spend time tracing "The British Royal's of England, The Coronation Stone (called "Jacobs Pillow/Pillar Stone") and History of the Celts, etc", . Believe it or not, The Blood-line of "The British Throne" can be traced from England back to Scotland, Ireland and to the Middle-East, back to King David's Throne! Now that I've let the cat out of the bag, all you have to do is check it out!    Happy Hunting.

We do not have to rely on the Bible alone, now History-Archeology-Coat of Arms-Names-Places back up what the Bible says about The Lost Tribes of Israel & where they are located in these modern days!. Check the list & the links below to get the rest of the story.



2.) SWEDEN..............................GAD
3.) NORWAY.............................NAPHTALI
4.) DENMARK............................DAN
5.) NETHERLANDS & HOLLAND......................ZEBULON
6.) BELGIUM...............................BENJAMIN
7.) FRANCE..................................REUBEN
8.) MODERN ISRAEL.....................JUDAH
9.) SCOTLAND & WELLS.................ASHER
10.) IRELAND.................................SIMEON & DAN, ETC.

Books and Authors:

1.) The Story of Old Glory; By: A.L. Totten

2.) The Royal House of Britian, an enduring Dynesty;  W. Milner

3.) The Worlds Greatest Throne;  J. Fox

4.) Tracing our white ancestors;  F.H. Haberman

5.) Britain's Royal Throne;  Brian Williams

6.) Our Neglected Heritage;  Gladys Taylor

7.) Strange Parallel-Zebulon, Triibe of Israel-Holland; Hellen Kappejan

8.) The High Kings, King Arthur's Celtic Ancestors;  Joy Chant

9.) The Traditions of Glastenbury;  Raymont Capt

10.) Ancient Britian Revisited;  Alex Del Mar

11.) The Celts;  Nora Chadwick

12.) A Guide to Celtic Britian;  Anne

13.) A History of The Vikings;  Gwen Jones

14.) Symbols of our Celtic-Saxon Heritage;  W. Bennett

15.) Judah's Sceptre & Joseph's Birthright;  J.H. Allen

16.) The United States & Britian in Prophecy;  H. W. Armstrong

17.) The Discovery of King Arthur;  G. Ashe

18.) Story of the Royal Family;  Don Coolican

19.) The Lost 10-Tribes;  Dr. Gene Scott

20.) America and Europe in Prophecy; G.T.A.



The Ten Commandments:


1) You shall have no other gods before Me.

2) You shall not make any likeness of any images to bow down to.

3) You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.

4) Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it Holy, six days may work be done, but the Seventh Day is the Sabbath Day of the Lord your God.

5) Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the earth.

6) You shall not kill (Murder). 

7) You shall not commit adultery.

8) You shall not steal.

9) You shall not bare false witness against your fellow man.

10) You shall not covet or desire anything that belongs to others.

Work of The Watchman: Ezk.33:

Below is a list of radio programs that was produced  in 1941 and into the days of TV. The "Radio Church of God",  later changed the name to, "The World Tomorrow" after starting on TV. These Streaming Audio & Video Files are from the Churches that want to keep this work alive!

Go to The Lost Sheep (Scattered-Tribes) of Israel ! Mat.10:5-6, 15:24, Rom. 11:, Jam.1:1.



The Meaning of Words:

Eisegesis; Reading into the books, articles, scriptures, etc., preconceived notions, beliefs and teachings not intended by the authors.

Exegesis; Reading out of the books, articles, scriptures, etc., the true meaning the aurthors intended for you to understand.

Abraham; Father of many Nations.

Birthright; Ones right by birth, first-born, unless God intervenes...Gen.24:60, 25:28-34, 27:, 28:, 48:, 49:.

Jacob; Supplanter. Gen.25: 28-34.

Israel; One that Prevails with God. Gen.28: all.

Saxon's; Son's of Isaac, Isaac's Sons.

Liafail; Stone of Destiny, Jacob's Pillow/Pillar Stone. Gen.28:.

Bethel; House of God, Jacob's Pillow/Pillar Stone. Gen.28:.

Hikso's: Egyptian term for Foreign Kings, Also Kings of Israel. 

Heaven; 1) The earth, 2) The universe, 3) Place of Gods Throne.

Hell; 1) The grave, 2) A hole in the Ground, 3) Gehenna of destruction. 

Life; A living thing, that is aware of whats going on around it. 

Death; Not alive, not aware of whats going on around it.

Spirit; Spirit is what imparts intelect to every creature, 1) Spirit of animals, 2) Spirit of man, 3) Spirit of God.

Angels; Angelic Creatures made by God, 1) Angels that obey God, 2) Demons or Angels that disobey God. 

Sunday; 1.) Sunningdaeg, Day of the Sun,2.) First day of the week and the day pagans worshipped their sun-god.

 Who Changed The Times & The Seasons, ? Dan. 7: 25...By What Authority ?

Why Do Protestants Keep Sunday?   Cathalic & Protestant confessions about Sunday 

Sabbath Day; The Seventh day of the week and is the day God commands us to keep Holy! Lev.23:, Heb. 4:4.

Abib; First month of the year, on God's Calendar, around march/april time of the year, Lev.23:

Easter;  2.) Ishtar, 3.) Queen of Heaven, 4.) goddess of spring. The only place "Easter" is mentioned in the Bible is in "Acts 12: 4" and it is a mistranslation. The correct wording should be "Pascal" which means, Pass-over. The translators made it look like the early Christain Church did away with the Pass-over, as well as all other Holy Days...they now call the Passover, the jewish-passover, instead of the "Lords Passover" and replaced the Passover and all the other Holy-Days with Pagan Roman days instead...calling them christain...and most people believe they are christain unto this day! 

Bibical/Historical Jesus: Born around 2-4 BC, 6-months after John the babtist, who was born in the Spring time), This puts Christ's birth around the time of (The Feast of Tabernacles) not in the winter-started his ministry at the age of 30, in the year 27 AD- his ministry lasted 3 and 1/2 yrs-died on Passover Day (wed), rose from the tumb 3-days and 3-nights later on Saturday (Sabbath) evenning, in the year of 31 AD and no one was around to see it but Roman soldiers. It was not until the next day that they found the tumb already empty on the 1st day of the week. Read--The Origin of Christmas     The Lost Century of Church History

Feast of Tabernacles: Repesents

The Kinkdom of God. The Whole World will keep The Feast of Tabernacles after Christ sets up his Kindom on earth. Lev.23:, Zec.14:,...Lev. 26:, Due. 28:, Isa, 66:, Ezk. 20:.

Grace;  Undeserved Pardon, (only upon repentance for breaking Gods Law). Comment: Grace is not a license to break Gods Law. It pardons us from past sins, being under Grace does not excuse us from keeping Gods Law!

Evolution: Mans attempt to explain how life came into existance without a Creator!? Read our artical to the right on Evolution--->

Sow to the wind...and you shall reap.....The Whirl-Wind!

God's Holyday Calendar


If you want to stay healthy, then you need to eat healthy! We are what we think and we are also what we eat! Every product you buy like a TV, DVD Player, Micro-wave, ect., comes with owner's guide. Before you can use the items, you must first read the guide. Well, God is no different than any other manufacture. He also sent along with his greatest creation "MANKIND" His guide on just how to best use & Maintain his product, The BIBLE. His Instruction Book to Mankind. He left us with everything we need to use and maintain his greatest master-peace, The Human-Race. Back to the main focus now, GODS DIET PLAN. If you want to stay healthy, then eat what God gives you for food! It can be found in: Lev.11: . Even in this day & age the best foods are not what they were hundreds of years ago, because of our over-working the land,etc. But if you will eat as close to Natural as possible, you will be a lot better off. Don't forget to follow God's Diet Plan found in His Instruction Book and you can't go wrong! You may need to check with your Doctor first, before you change your diet, some people have trouble with Whole-grains, ect. General rule is to avoid to much animal fats, super heated oils (Use "EXTRA VIRGIN"-Cold Press Olive Oil & Real Butter In All Your Cooking), avoid to much white sugar, white rice, highly proccessed foods, use them very little and No Shell-Fish or Cat-Fish of any kind! Warning!: "Shell-Fish & Cat-Fish" can kill! They remove wast & by-products of other fish from the waters of the sea, lake and streams, they also remove toxins and can carry deadly diseases! Think Natural,  just as close as you can to the way God intended foods to be and you will have a healthier life! One more thing, don't forget to get 8-hours of sleep per day and regular exercise. Lev.11:  (Don't just Read it... Do it), Remember this, Gods Diet Plan is FREE!


Did we come from scum or climb from slime or was it from pink air bubbles in the Sea? Evolutionist would have us to believe, that life as we know it, evolved from dead matter!? Can life come from dead matter? Check the links below for more details.

Resource Links:

Origin Of Nations


Most of the articles you find here, were inspired by others...we hope you will check out the many website links...Whitout them, these articles could not have been written!

 Its Time To Go Down The Rabbit Hole...To See How Deep It Really Is...Just Like Alice In Wonder-Land !